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Monday, May 12, 2008

Stop in and maybe buy a nice necklace!

We often get asked these very good questions: Where can I buy A Little Something's jewelry and fiber crafts? Do you have a store?

Well, we don't have a store (yet), but we do have sales. Usually, we attend local events such as craft fairs and festivals. In the near future, you can find us at these events. Stop by and say hello!!

Diversity Day Culture Celebration
Thursday, May 15 9-2
Emily Griffith Opportunity School
1250 Welton St., Denver

World Market
Sunday, May 18 11-3
Augustana Lutheran Church
5200 E. Alameda Ave., Denver, CO

City Park Festival of the Arts
Sunday, July 20 12-6
Ferril Lake/City Park
Denver, CO

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Anonymous said...

Sharon, it seems to me that you could sell some of the work done by your group, but you need a site. May I suggest ETSY.COM, where it costs little to list and sell items? Instead of re-creating the wheel and making your own shop, if you list on Etsy (its kind of a high class Ebay but everything must be handmade or vintage).Its a perfect place for your crafts. People all over the world list there and buy from there. Itsjust not possible for us (your devoted fans and supporters) to come to Denver - but we can easily come to and buy a *a nice necklace.* I hope someone there can help you with this. Good luck and my package is coming in the mail today. Best of luck to your group, Susan Tobin