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Sunday, June 29, 2008

We ask for A Little Something for the first time

Since A Little Something became a reality less than a year ago, we have tried our very best not to ask anyone for anything. We believed that by doing the work we were inspired to do, the things we needed would come to us, one way or another. To date, this has proven to be true, and even the most cynical among us has marveled at this phenomenon of abundance some have likened to The Secret (a book that none of us has actually had the time to read).

Now, after all of these months of things falling into place, we have encountered a situation we cannot resolve. For the past eleven months, we have managed to pull together this program without having a home base of operations. The supplies are at Sharon's house. The finished work and prepared kits are at Anna's place. Susan has the notes on each women's particular situation. The statistical data is at Jaime's office, while the participant files, PR materials, and main phone number are at Sharon's office. We have reached a point where our project needs an office of its own, a home for A Little Something, a central point of operations.

What is standing between us and that is approximately $700. That is how much we need for the first month's rent plus a month's deposit on a small (verrrry small) office. We aren't looking at any posh downtown suites; instead, most of the places under consideration are no more than 300 square feet--about the size of a moderately large bedroom. If we're lucky, we'll get into a place with utilities included. Actually, on our budget, that's our only option.

We haven't yet worked out the logistics of accepting a monetary donation for this purpose, but if you know of anyone who could help us out with $700, please contact me, Sharon, at We hope that our legal advisor, who also donates her time, can help us make this an easy transaction for...someone who has $700. We might even be able to pay you back some time in the future.

We always feel uncomfortable asking anyone for anything, so although we find making this request to be awkward, it's something we're willing to do because our office needs are very specific and we are willing to ask for help getting not just a place, but exactly the right place for us (which we've found but lost out on more than once).

We humbly put this request out there, and if this is the right thing to do, we know it will come to pass. Here's hoping.


Softflexgirl said...

I blogged about this and linked to you guys in my blog list!!!

Good luck on your new office.


The Bead Women said...

Sara, you rock.

Margot Potter said...

I'll be posting this again in today's Linky Love post and also blogged about you yesterday. Maybe we can find a way, even if it's seven hundred people who each give you a dollar, yes?

Let us know how we can help. Maybe you can become a non-profit and start asking for charitable contributions? Also joining the Fair Trade Federation may help connect you to assistance.


The Bead Women said...

Thanks, Margot. Your support always inspires us. We are trying to get nonprofit status, but man, is that a complicated process. It involves lawyers and accountants and the IRS! Once we get our bylaws written, our Board established, and our documents submitted, we'll be in a better position to get grants and such. Oy. I'm not even sure what a Board of Directors does, exactly...