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Wednesday, August 6, 2008

A Little Update

It's a hot summer here in Denver. That hasn't stopped women of our group from creating. We have a lot of jewelry to sell, and we just got a commission job! How exciting is that?

August is going to be a bit quiet for us. We don't have any sales or events to attend. There has been a lot of travelling among those of us who organize and those who make beautiful crafts. That trend will continue through the month.

Our big challenge right now is trying to find what we need to get the weavers started with their projects. We have no idea how or where to buy weaving fiber, let alone the materials needed to make a backstrap loom. If you know about these things, please contact us! We need help!

We hope that when September rolls around, we'll have a full roster of crafts sales, church events, and more lined up for the entire fall. If we clone ourselves, we'll even open an Etsy shop online.

For the moment, though, we still need an office and work space near Capitol Hill in Denver, as well as a lawyer and someone to file our business papers with the state.

We need to take August off so our heads don't explode from being full and thinking about everything we still need to work on!

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