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Sunday, May 3, 2009

A Little Update

It might appear that we've been quiet, but that's because we've been so busy, there hasn't been a whole lot of time to write about it. Here are the highlights:

Shopping for our cause

Last Sunday, Sharon and Katrina made a trip to the Rocky Mountain Bead Society's annual Bead Bazaar. Due to financial and scheduling constraints, we weren't able to bring any of the women this year. Instead, we devoted our time to buying beads--much-needed beads! Now we need time to wash and sort them so the women can replenish their supplies. It was a busy afternoon for us, but we knew it was time to quit when our debit card waved the white flag in the middle of a sale. After checking the bank balance, it turns out we have only $65 left to our A Little Something name.

Curb your enthusiasm, ladies
Many of the women who came to the "big" meeting in February still need jewelry making lessons. Unfortunately, that hasn't any effect on their enthusiasm, so they're trying to make jewelry without first earning how. On the upside, most of what we've seen is very good--beautiful, in fact. On the downside, the women have no idea what their tools are for, how a crimp is used, or how to actually finish a piece or attach findings. Most have just tied the wire in knots where findings would go. It's an ugly situation and we desperately need some help recruiting experienced jewelry makers who would like to donate some time instructing the new women in our program. We just don't have enough ours in the day between the five of us!

Dotting the T's, crossing the eyes
About four months ago, we started the process of incorporating. All this time, our organization has never officially existed on paper. We had tried to figure out the process on our own, but in less than five minutes on the state's business Website, it was obvious that we were going to be in waaay over our heads if we tried to go it alone.

Enter Laura and Kami, our wonderful attorneys. Thanks to their support and knowledge, we'll soon be an official business with nonprofit status to follow. Katrina and Jaime are working with the attorneys to get through this complex and often confusing process. There are so many variables to take into consideration, so much language, so many scenarios, so many complicated documents, so many head-spinning moments! Stay tuned for the day we can announce our official officialness.

There are sales coming up this month, and probably more to follow. We still aren't in a position to sell online, but we'll let you know when that's ready to roll out.

More news soon!

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