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Thursday, October 8, 2009

We're getting ready for a meeting with the A Little Something members this Saturday. We can only hope that they come! The weather is supposed to be dreadful.

We hope to finally explain the new contracts and pay arrangements. For the past two years, we've been paying the women 75 percent of the selling price of their items. The other 25 percent goes into the business to buy supplies and pay for registration fees when we attend festivals and sales events.

Going forward, we'll pay the women outright for whatever they make. This will also give us the opportunity to inspect the women's work when it's turned in. That matters because we've spent hours upon hours fixing jewelry so it could be sold. Now the women will get immediate quality-control feedback and they'll have the option of taking "quirky" pieces home or staying for the workshop where there is help immediately available to bring the work up to a saleable standard.

It also appears that we may have recruited some new members--including a half-dozen weavers from Burma and Bhutan. We still need looms, but just knowing there are more women in our community with this skill is exciting. The woven items we carry at our sales are some of the best-selling and most in-demand items the women bring to us.

Here's hoping for a successful and crafty Saturday!