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Friday, August 13, 2010


Rahima is a fiber artist from Burundi. She is accustomed to making designs on fabric using batik and tie-dye. When she first heard about A Little Something at school, she was eager to join. We don't currently have a facility where we can work on textiles, so Rahima decided to learn jewelry making.

Her first attempts turned out to be very good. She has a wonderful eye for design and color. Her technical skills are coming along quickly.

After she finished her first batch of jewelry, she couldn't wait until the next monthly meeting to get feedback on her work and help with the things that were giving her trouble. She was very excited about her efforts, so a couple of weeks ago, we set up an appointment to meet during the hour between morning and afternoon classes.

Rahima's enthusiasm is contagious, and she's already working through her second bead-box refill. We sold several of her pieces at our August 1 sale--the first where her items were available.

Rahima hopes to get more involved with sales this fall so she can learn the business and practice her English. In the meantime, she's busy trying out new jewelry making techniques.

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