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Wednesday, September 19, 2012

From our Summer 2012 Newsletter

Bead Woman Extraordinaire

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Rehema Omary, a refugee from Burundi began making jewelry about two years ago when she joined A Little Something. She is now the highest earning member of A Little Something and is skilled at making art such as earrings, bracelets and necklaces.  She has a special eye for color combinations and bead selections, she says, “I think about a few colors and hold them up to compare.  I find what looks good.”

Rehema now has a job in housekeeping at a Denver hotel, however she still views A Little Something as her own business. She tries to send some of her A Little Something income back to family in Africa, to pay bills, and sometimes buys a small gift for her children. A Little Something functions as a facilitator and encourages women like Rehema to view their jewelry making as their own business endeavor, a concept that Rehema has embraced. She envisions her crafting becoming a big business with merchandise sold in big chain stores. 

Rehema has recently joined the A Little Something board as the first refugee board member and is looking forward to learning more about running a business and contributing to its development.  A Little Something offers Rehema added security in that if she were to lose her job, her jewelry making could sustain her. She remains enthusiastic about learning more styles and designs to expand the creativity and merchandising of her crafts. When talking about what she likes about A Little Something, Rehema says, “I like everything.  I like talking with women and working at the meeting.  I don’t speak much English.  If you talk and show me what to do, I can learn it well.” After building up her business skills, Rehema has great potential of using her skills to create her own jewelry making business someday.

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