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Saturday, September 15, 2007

The best laid plans...

Well, it wasn't quite the day we planned, but it wasn't a total loss, either. We forgot that this weekend is the start of Ramadan and our women students had much to do for this most important time. Our class, though small, was very enthusiastic.

We were supposed to debut our "collection" at a community event today, but in the end, nobody was available to work the event. We were stressed and a little bit frantic trying to find a way, but eventually we had to just agree that maybe we weren't really ready yet and this last-minute chaos was divine intervention letting us know that. It was both a disappointment and a relief.

We were able to use this "found" time to organize the merchandise a bit better and price the new jewelry the women made this week. As we went through the newest pieces, it was evident that the women had felt inspired by designs they saw in the magazines and books they borrowed. Their designs are becoming not only more complex, but also more advanced in technical skill. We saw some beautiful sets today, and the women's work continues to reveal a strikingly original flair.

The lesson this morning was about learning to use eyepins and headpins and making twisted loops. It's a little bit ironic, because it's something I've continued to struggle to do well and here I was trying to teach it. By some miracle, the lesson worked, and the students understood that it wasn't a technique to be mastered in 15 minutes. Among the many things we hope the women will gain from this project is a sense of what is and isn't realistic--on many levels.

I can't wait to see the work that evolves from this week's lesson. --SM

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