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Saturday, September 8, 2007

Let the creativity begin!

Working without a translator was challenging. There weren't enough teachers to go around, especially because our students want to know everything there is to know and they wanted to know it today! How do you use crimps? What are these tools for? How do you make earrings? How do I put this (briolette) in a bracelet? What is this for? What is that for? What's a clasp? Can you show me how to put it on? Can you repeat that?

Except for the student pictured here, the older students have no literacy, so we can't use printed handouts--unless they explain everything in pictures. It takes some time and patience, but explaining by doing actually works.

It's encouraging to see that our group includes some children, five amazing teenage girls, and women ranging in age from 30- to 50-something. At the moment, we have women from Somalia, Sudan, and Iraq in our group, but it looks like we'll soon have women from Burma, too.

The only major glitch today surfaced when we realized we didn't have enough tools to go around. We had only one crimp tool and no chain-nose pliers. We barely had enough crimp tubes, either. Time to start scouring Ebay.


Margot Potter said...


We're all so excited! This is such an amazing, uplifting story about the power of the feminine and the creative.

Thank you,

Beth said...

This is just great! I will go through my supplies and get some beads, etc. out to these wonderful ladies!!

Refugee Crafts said...

Thanks Beth and Everyone!! We greatly appreciate your interest and donations. I think we have a good chance to make this work with help from fellow crafters and beaders like you.

Thanks So Much!