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Sunday, October 14, 2007

Because you asked

We've received a few requests to explain what, exactly, a refugee is. To help our visitors understand this complex and often misunderstood issue, the definition is posted in the sidebar to the right. Just scroll down to learn the most important details. For a more in-depth look at the issue, click here to visit the UNHCR Website.

Approximately 80% of the world's refugees are women and children. Currently, the largest populations arriving in the US are coming from Burma, Burundi, Somalia, Ethiopia, Mauritania, Congo, and Iran (religious minorities). Refugees from Nepal (Bhutanese), Iraq, and possibly Darfur, Sudan are expected to start arriving soon.

There are many ways to assist with refugee resettlement in your area. Many religious or community-based organizations see the care of resettling refugees as part of their core mandate. To find a list of US resettlement agencies and their Websites, click on this link for the US Department of Health and Human Services Website.

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