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Thursday, October 25, 2007

Giant steps

Today, Anna, Haiffa, and Khadija met with marketing students from a local university. The students have been tasked with creating a marketing plan related to microbusiness development. Our project was a good match, so it looks like we're homework.

You would think that given the circumstances, these women would be nervous speaking in front of a group, but they weren't. Anna said they both did a great job of explaining what the project is and what makes it special and important to all of the women involved.

Haiffaa and Khadija did such a great job, in fact, that the students are under the impression that our project is much farther along than it actually is.

It's been less than three months, and two of our participants already had their first speaking engagement. If this doesn't speak of empowerment, what does?


Margot Potter said...

When you move in the right direction, the universe unfolds itself to you with total synchronicity. It is the way of things.

The only thing is, you'd best be prepared because it can take off like a rocket to the moon!

Strap yourselves in, ladies!


The Bead Women said...

We've been saying for awhile now that our project didn't take off so much as blast off. Frankly, I'm petrified, but I try not to let it show. Collectively, though, the Bead Women are ready to rock!

capitolagirl said...

Hi Bead Women!

I love reading all the good news about your project, and how things have been progressing so quickly for your group! Congratulations and best wishes for continued fortune for all of you!


Susan (aka. Capitola Girl)