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Friday, February 22, 2008


The Bead Women of A Little Something are busily rushing about getting ready to attend the African Extravaganza at the University of Denver tonight. We had this great plan that included having many of the women attend the event and help sell their work at our table. Everyone agreed it would be a good opportunity for the artists to meet their public, so to speak, but also for them get more comfortable speaking with people.

Once again, our plans went a little awry. Mama Moumina is quite ill and has been to the clinic twice this week. Fatuma's oldest daughter has her own school event tonight, so Fatuma doesn't have a sitter for the younger kids. Hajia stayed home from school because she's feeling quite ill. Khadija has been suffering from a chronic kidney ailment. Sharifo can't get a ride (and probably not a sitter). Bakhara is moving out of state tomorrow. We haven't heard from Htee.

The banner says that we're the Denver Refugee Women's Crafts Initiative, but tonight there will be mostly American women working our table at the event. We won't look very convincing as a refugee group. Maybe we need to write in "and friends" after the word 'Women' on that banner!

Sharon has the display in her car so she can go straight to the venue when she gets off at 4:00. If she gets off at 4:00. She was up late last night putting the finishing touches on things, making a sign, and ironing the new table covers. Anna spent the evening running all over town--by bus--gathering up last-minute jewelry creations, and then she was up until the wee hours pricing everything. Anna has all of the jewelry and crafts with her, but she's working late coaching soccer after school, so Susan will drive across town and pick up the suitcase full of merchandise from Anna at work. Jaime is bringing the cash box when she gets off from work, but she needs to stop at home first. Somebody needs to pick up Haiffaa, Shaza, and Shima, but nobody is coming from that part of town.

Believe it or not, the situation today is pretty typical here at A Little Something--and for women everywhere. We all struggle to fit everything in, to accomodate last-minute demands, to produce instant contingency plans. Despite the bumps along the way, we still get the job done, though, don't we? We network, we brainstorm, we work out the logistics, and we knit together support systems to keep life rolling along. We do what we can--and that's usually a lot.

We juggle like crazy and yet we still remember to find that place inside of us that inspires us to make beautiful things, to seek out new friends, and to just laugh when the chaos gets ridiculous.

We are laughing--please laugh with us!


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