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Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Share the Love!

The Bead Women are always on the lookout for information about programs with a mission similar to ours. Today we found two! In one day!

In the spirit of sisterhood, of what Tammy Powley calls Sister Beadpower and what Margot Potter calls Super-Girlie-Good-Power, we share these stories with you. Please take time to learn about these amazing projects. You will feel inspired.

First, from the Concord Monitor in New Hampshire...

Drawing a bead on a living
New arrivals lend their hands to S.N.O.B. festival

Click here to read about how Congolese women in New Hampshire are beading their way to self-sufficiency.

Next is WEAVE, Women's Education for Advancement and Empowerment
Click here to read about how Burmese refugee women in Thailand are using traditional skills such as weaving to better their own lives and the stability of their communities. We hope to connect with this group so they can tell us how to procure the correct weaving materials (fibers) for the Burmese weavers of A Little Something. Here's hoping they answer our questions! You can view and purchase the WEAVE group's beautiful fiber arts via One World Projects, a fair-trade importer doing socially responsible work around the world. Check out the other projects they have going on in the global marketplace. Good stuff!

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