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Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Pictures from the Extravaganza

The view from the bridge...Our table was located inside of University of Denver's signature glass pedestrain bridge that spans a major street to connect two buildings. The light wasn't great and all the glass made for a photographic challenge, but Jaime did what she could to document our participation. In the end, though, she who controls the blog, controls the pictures (bwahahaha!). Sharon detests having her picture taken, but she was happy to crop the pictures judiciously so you can't see the blogger, but you can see a little bit of our sale at the African Extravaganza.

Anna and a young customer discuss the merchandise.

Another happy customer. There were lots of "Oooooos" and "Ahhhhhhs" throughout the evening.

We were informed by these and several other boys that we are totally lame for not having any "more masculine" jewelry. We're still not sure what that means, exactly, but we've sent it out to our Research and Development unit for further exploration.

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